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Trash Cans

I really hate the new blue trash cans! They are everywhere. I know I addressed this issue before but it’s time to do it again. Most of the violation letters that go out are concerning trash cans being left by the curb, in the driveway, at the front door and everywhere else except hidden from view.

The DCCR’s state – “All garbage cans shall be screened from view from any street in the subdivision”. Trash cans should be at the curb the night before trash days-which is Monday night and Thursday night and should be put away by Tuesday night and Friday night.

Now that the weather is cooler it’s a good time to have the fence and driveway pressure washed. Also look at weed removal and adding new mulch. It’s such an easy fix to make your property look so much better.

Recycling-Progressive Waste Solutions will no longer be picking up blue bags as many of you know from Oct 6th when they did not pick them up. All recycling has to be in a plastic container (trash can) with a recycling sticker on it. If you never received a sticker, you can call Progressive at 727-847-9100.


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