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Condo Connection - January

I’m looking my window as I am typing this and see that the drip lines for our irrigation system have been installed and the workmen are in the process of placing new sod over the lines. It just seems that day by day in every way our community is getting better and better. Your Board is committed to the continuous, steady improvement of our property.

As we enter a New Year, that brings up the question of, “What next?” And, it is a good question. After all, we have had new roofs installed and have had our buildings painted. We have also made improvements in the area of landscaping. All good. You might ask, “What project or projects should we take up next?” If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know.

I have heard several people express a desire to address two areas over the next few years. One is the repair of our sidewalks and driveways and the other the installation of new sod.

There are several areas where our driveways are cracked and unsightly and several sidewalks have been popped up by tree roots. It would be good to address this both from a safety consideration and also from an aesthetics standpoint.

We have already replaced some sod over the last few months. It would be nice to see this project continue over the next several years. Again, new sod would go a long way toward beautifying our community. The neat thing about the sod is that it would not have to be done all at one time but could be completed over a period of time.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling for today. These are just some suggestions that I have heard from several of our neighbors and I think that they deserve further consideration. Remember, your Annual Meeting this month. It just won’t be the same without you.

Make it a Great Year, and remember, “Life is Good!”



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