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Happy, Healthy, & Whole

Welcome! This is the first article of many that will be published with the intention to educate and inspire readers into bringing more balance and harmony into their lives through a holistic approach.

Many of you may be saying...oh no...holistic! The word may conjure up thoughts and images of new-age therapies, hocus pocus notions, and herbal remedies.

But do you really know what holistic health is? The fact is, holistic health has been practiced successfully for centuries worldwide. The word holistic is defined as treating the whole. So in other words, holistic health addresses the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Many “alternative” therapies, like acupuncture and homeopathy, have been handed down through generations from many ancient civilizations such as African, Asian, and Indian. Western cultures are now embracing these old traditions and incorporating them into “conventional” practices, which, by the way, are still considered relatively new on the human timeline.

Most conventional medicines are based on treating physical symptoms. Healing, however, can occur on any one, or combination, of four levels—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Addressing wellness and health holistically means restoring the whole person by finding balance in all areas of our lives.

A holistic approach takes a broader view of healthcare, but it doesn’t discount the benefits of conventional/allopathic medicine. Rather, it considers the bio-individuality of the person and looks at both Primary Foods (exercise, relationships, career, and spirituality) and Secondary Foods (basically carbs, fats, proteins and the like). An integrative approach capitalizes on all the amazing resources available to us. Cool right? With knowledge, which also feeds us, we can empower ourselves to find the harmony and balance to live a vibrant, healthy, and whole life.

The Community Connection looks forward to sharing varying information with you and invites you to participate by providing feedback.

Please feel free to contact us via the website (, email (, or more personally, by visiting us at the office.

Be good to you!

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